PTI, LLC held an international conference in the sphere of metrology

Date of publication: 19 December 2017 Print

PTI, LLC  held a two-day international conference “Problems and Perspectives of Metrological Support of Oil and Petroleum Products Metering”.

Representatives of 39 organizations of Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the Netherlands took part in the conference. 22 reports were heard at the plenary session.

The organizer of the event was PTI, LLC  —  the main research organization of the Transneft system, which is carrying out, among other things, research in the field of metrological support of oil and petroleum products transportation.

"We have gained solid experience in the field of R&D and we are ready to share our developments in the field of metrology and oil and petroleum products quantity metering systems, that have already been introduced in production or are realized in the form of prototypes only, — Yakov Fridlyand, First Deputy Director General of PTI, LLC remarked during his welcoming speech to the participants of the conference.

The conference presented a large number of proposals to improve the main elements of the oil and petroleum products quantity and quality metering system (OPPQQMS):  flow transducers, provers and other elements.

Oleg Aralov, Director of the Centre for Products Compliance Evaluation, Metrology and Processes Automation of PT, LLC, said that in general all research in this area is aimed at minimization of inaccuracies. In his report, Oleg Aralov spoke about the work to create a "metrological test ground” at the site of Transneft-Diascan.
 The test ground will include a reference base of defect measures for in-line inspection in accordance with the classification of pipeline defects.

The participants of the conference also discussed the need to integrate (harmonize) the requirements of the existing documents between the member states of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space.

"Transneft has developed a general approach to development of the regulatory base in the field of oil and petroleum products quantity metering" - this is, in fact, the quintessence of all the current problems and proposals in this area of standardization. Now we suggest that normative documents should be harmonized and approved in the form of national and interstate standards, — Almaz Idrisov, Head of the Department of the Chief Metrologist of Transneft, said.