PTI Opens Examination Centre for NDT Specialists Certification

Date of publication: 18 March 2020

A corporate examination centre for certification of NDT specialists performing work at Transneft subsidiaries has been opened at the Scientific and Technical Centre of the PTI (Pipeline Transport Institute, Ufa).

The examination centre is provided with all necessary equipment, resources and methodological background, qualified personnel is conducting certifications on the following NDT methods: ultrasound, industrial radiography, magnetic particle (penetrant, leak testing), visual and instrumental.

Certifications are carried out among employees of Transneft’s subsidiaries, contractors, individuals. For performing NDT works at Transneft facilities the certification is mandatory. Certifications are carried out in order to confirm specialists’ knowledge of Transneft regulatory requirements and to verify whether their NDT practical skills comply with Transneft`s regulatory requirements for applying at the pipeline transportation facilities.