Pipeline Transport Institute Applies 3D Modeling Technologies in Inspecting Pipeline Underwater Crossings

Date of publication: 02 March 2020

The Pipeline Transport Institute has developed a technology allowing the use of 3D modeling in scheduled inspection of underwater crossings. The invention is aimed at increasing their operational safety.

The pilot inspection was performed at the Amur River underwater crossing of the ESPO-2 trunk pipeline; based on the data provided by airborne laser scanning and a multibeam echosounder, a digital terrain model (including the riverbank and riverbed parts) was created in a single coordinate system. Supplemented by Visual data on the horizontal location and elevation of the trunk pipeline, a single 3D model of the pipeline underwater crossing was generated.

The technology developed by the Pipeline Transport Institute for building 3D models using various data sources provides for quick characterization and high accuracy in assessing the condition of any point of an OTP underwater crossing.

The invention provides for subsequent integration of the obtained data into the geographic information systems used at Transneft.