Pipeline Transport Institute’s Activities for Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Marked with Rospatent Award

Date of publication: 25 October 2019

Head of the Patent and Intellectual Property Protection Sector of the Pipeline Transport Institute Olga Vidyakina has received the Rospatent Badge of Honour for her special contribution to the development of the theory and practice of legal protection of intellectual property.

The award was presented by the head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev as part of the final plenary meeting of the 23rd International Conference of Rospatent held in Moscow under the title “Role of Intellectual Property in Breakthrough Scientific and Technological Development”.

The Pipeline Transport Institute performs the functions of the Information and Analytical Centre for Transneft’s Intellectual Property, which was created to solve problems in the field of innovation and technological development and to improve intellectual property management mechanisms.

Engaged in research and development, the Pipeline Transport Institute actively interacts with Rospatent and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property in the field of legal protection of Transneft’s intellectual property.

A Technology and Innovation Support Centre aimed at enhancing the intellectual property competencies of Transneft and its employees has been created at the Pipeline Transport Institute as part of the cooperation with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

The 23rd International Conference of Rospatent. Photo by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property