Annual Meeting of TC 023 “Oil and Gas Industry” Technical Committee on Standardisation Conducted in Ufa

Date of publication: 18 October 2019

Representatives of Transneft and the Pipeline Transport Institute have taken part in an annual reporting meeting of the TC 023 “Oil and Gas Industry” Technical Committee on standardisation.

The event was held in Ufa as part of the 14th NEFTEGAZSTANDARD-2019 International Conference. It was attended by representatives of more than 40 organisations who are members of the committee. The results of the activities of TC 023 and its subcommittees during the reporting period and issues of cooperation with STANDARTINFORM, as well as related technical committees were considered.

According to the results of the meeting, Transneft’s significant contribution to the development of national and interstate standardisation was noted. The TC 023 secretariat also noted the activities of the following subcommittees headed by Transneft as the most active and fruitful among all 12 subcommittees of TC 023: SC 7 “Oil and Petroleum Products Trunk Pipeline Transportation”, SC 10 “Construction and Overhaul of Oil and Gas Industry Facilities”.

For the period from October 2018 to October 2019, Transneft developed and approved 8 national and interstate standards. 10 more national and interstate standards in the field of oil and petroleum products trunk pipeline transportation are to be approved until the end of 2019. This is more than the total number of standards developed by other members of TC 023. In total, Transneft plans to approve 39 standards within TC 023 until 2022.

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The TC 023 “Oil and gas industry” Russian national technical committee on standardisation is a public association of interested companies, representatives of executive authorities and experts.  It was established on a voluntary basis in order to organise and perform work on national, interstate, regional and international standardisation in the sphere of production and processing of oil and natural gas, as well as oil, petroleum products and natural gas transportation, Arctic operations for oil, gas and gas condensate deposits development at the shelf of the Arctic seas, construction and overhaul of oil and gas industrial facilities.

The purpose of the activities of TC 23 is to implement the provisions of the Federal Laws “On Technical Regulation” and “On Standardisation in the Russian Federation” and related regulations to the extent of the system of technical committees for standardisation, and to contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of work on standardisation at the national, interstate, regional and international levels.