Acceptance Testing of PCS Training Simulators Finished

Date of publication: 26 August 2019

Simulators of automated process control system (PCS) developed with the participation of the Transneft R&D LLC specialists, have successfully passed acceptance testing and, as a result, have been put into permanent (industrial) operation and will be used in the training process in the nearest future.

As part of the research and development work carried out by Transneft R&D LLC  together with Transneft Upper Volga’s Industrial Automation Centre, training simulators were developed for four Transneft’s corporate educational institutions in Ukhta, Tomsk, Tyumen and Novokuibyshevsk.

The simulators are designed to train operating and engineering personnel in PCSs for oil (oil products) pumping stations and maintanence service base of Transneft system. Each simulator has one workplace for a teacher and five workplaces for students; up to four people can work simultaneously at each of the students’ workplaces.

The training simulator allows to acquire skills in installing a microprocessor system of automation and testing its operability. Staff members can simulate connecting equipment and instrumentation with analog, discrete and interface output signals. The simulator also allows one to simulate non-regular modes of operation of components and units of OPS’ automation systems in order to develop staff’s skills in identifying and eliminating failures in the PCS.

The Institute of Industrial Property FSFI has filed an application for a title of protection.