Patent Received for Emergency Valve for Tanks

Date of publication: 25 July 2019

The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, Transneft PJSC and Transneft Siberia JSC  have received a patent of the Russian Federation (RU 190 706 U1) for the Emergency Valve utility model.

The emergency valve prevents the tanks from destruction during intensive heating of the gas space due to a fire in the adjacent tanks, intensive formation of a gas and air pocket at the time of filling the tank with product, as well as decreasing temperature in the gas space of the tank. The new valve provides safe discharge of internal overpressure or vacuum in the tank caused by external factors or failure of the standard breather and safety valves.

The uniqueness of this technical solution lies in the increased throughput capacity under pressure (at least 30,000 m³ per hour) and vacuum (at least 4,500 m³ per hour). In addition, the design of the valve is adapted for use in tanks with thermal insulation and a gas fire extinguishing system at extremely low temperatures.

Pilot operation confirmed the design characteristics of the new device. From 2019, such emergency valves will be gradually put into operation at facilities of Transneft subsidiaries.