Pipeline Transport Institute Holds Conference on Vibration Diagnostics

Date of publication: 18 June 2019

A two-day conference for specialists in vibration diagnostics of pumping equipment has been held at the Pipeline Transport Institute in Moscow. The event was attended by over 50 people, representatives
of Transneft, the Pipeline Transport Institute, Transneft subsidiaries (TS) and other companies of the industry.

The purpose of the conference was to review the main trends in the development of vibration diagnostics of pumping equipment, to learn about the experience of detecting defects as well as about the modern diagnostics equipment and to analyse Transneft subsidiaries’ issues of concern and proposals in terms of organising and conducting vibration diagnostics.

The issues raised at the conference are important for increasing the reliability of the equipment used at oil pumping stations (PS).

In addition to reviewing the current aspects of organising vibration diagnostics at Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities, the current trends in monitoring and diagnosing the technical condition of pumping equipment, as well as the prospects for introducing an automated equipment monitoring and diagnosing system at Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities were presented as part of the event.