Transneft and Pipeline Transport Institute Hold 3rd Research to Practice Workshop on Intellectual Property

Date of publication: 06 May 2019

The 3rd research to practice workshop on intellectual property has been held in Moscow for the personnel of Transneft and its subsidiaries.

The workshop was organised by Transneft in cooperation with the Pipeline Transport Institute. A wide range of issues related to new trends in intellectual property management using digital technologies was discussed, including blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the special aspects of working with "big data". Practical solutions and case studies in the field of legal safeguarding, protecting and exercising one’s IP rights were also presented at the event.

Vice-President of Transneft Pavel Revel-Muroz declared the workshop open. His welcoming speech emphasised the importance of protection and commercialisation of intellectual property in the age of technology boom. Transneft has gone to considerable lengths in the development of its intellectual property management system, including having established a talent pool, a training system, a Pipeline Transport Institute-based information and analytics centre, and an information system to manage intellectual property.

The Pipeline Transport Institute’s First Deputy Director General Dmitry Neganov addressed the participants of the event and noted that Transneft, being an innovation-oriented company, was utilising new information technologies in order to create an effective intellectual property management system in the context of the transition to digital economy currently taking place in Russia. In cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP), specialists of Transneft, PTI and Transneft subsidiaries take regular trainings in the field of intellectual property.

FIIP Deputy Director Aleksandr Sukonkin outlined the focal points of the state policy regarding legal protection of intellectual property in Russia. Parviz Emomov, a consultant of WIPO’s Russian representative office, told the audience about the organisation’s areas of activity in respect of intellectual property and expressed confidence in further fruitful cooperation between WIPO and Transneft.

Leading specialists in the field of intellectual property, among them FIIP and WIPO representatives and Russian patent solicitors, also made presentations at the workshop.