Sludge Removal Devices Developed with Participation of Pipeline Transport Institute Successfully Pass Acceptance Testing

Date of publication: 02 April 2019

Sludge removal devices (SRD), developed by PTI together with Transneft Primorsk Port, have successfully passed acceptance testing.

The SRDs are intended for effective containment of polluted sludge within the measures for containment and elimination of oil and petroleum products spills in the water area of sea oil ports in ice conditions.

This equipment is a improved version of the devices already used by Transneft subsidiaries for containing sludge on rivers. During the development, the SRD design was adapted for use in water areas of sea oil ports in winter conditions with increased loads and ice density of more than 30%. The devices are made of components and materials with a  high durability and corrosion resistance to sea water, which allows the equipment to contain polluted sludge effectively.

As a result of successful acceptance testing, the SRDs will be transferred for further operation at Transneft-Service in order to ensure a high level of environmental safety in the water area of Transneft Primorsk Port’s oil terminals.