PTI Presents its Developments at Pipeline Technology Conference 2019

Date of publication: 01 April 2019

As part of Transneft’s delegation, PTI has participated in Pipeline Technology Conference 2019 (PTC-2019), the leading international pipeline technology exhibition and conference, which was held on 18–21 March in Berlin. Within the conference programme, the institute presented its developments in automation of planning trunk pipelines’ process sections operation.

Andrey Kudritsky, Deputy Head of Directorate of Technological Calculations and Modeling of Trunk Pipelines’ Operation at PTI, Ph.D. in physical and mathematical sciences, made a report, which aroused considerable interest among the participants of the event. The report covered the Technologist’s Automated Workstation software system (Technologist AWS SS). The software system, developed by PTI, allows to automate planning of Transneft trunk pipelines’ operation, optimize oil pumping operating schedule by energy efficiency and monitor the implementation of oil pumping operating schedule and operation of pumping equipment based on supervisory control and data acquisition management system’s data.

The result of discussion of the presented development revealed that foreign companies did not have an absolute equivalent to Technologist AWS SS  used at Transneft subsidiaries.

“The software system allows to perform hydraulic calculation of oil and petroleum products pumping process modes, to form a register of pumping equipment with actual characteristics and also a register of hydraulic models of pipeline sections. On the basis of these models, it will be possible to build various real time monitoring systems, for example, a leakage detection system and a system for monitoring the technological parameters of pipelines’ operation,” Andrey Kudritsky said.