The Pipeline Transport Institute Receives Patent for Unit for Testing Anodes in Sea Conditions

Date of publication: 12 March 2019

The Pipeline Transport Institute and Transneft have become holders of Russian patent No. 2 678 942 for the invented Unit for Testing Anode Beds in Sea Conditions

Anode beds are the key elements of the electrochemical protection systems (EPS) at Transneft’s berthing facilities.

The proposed device consists of a power and a control unit, as well as of an automation unit that allows to maintain the necessary current load on each sample being tested in accordance with the specifications declared by manufacturer. A remote control system (RCS) was installed to monitor the basic electrometric parameters of the experimental unit, which allows to receive, store and process the necessary data in automatic mode. All metrics are stored on the RCS server and are entered into a database to be continuously analysed. This technical solution is aimed at improving the efficiency of electrochemical protection.

In developing the technical solution and selecting the equipment, it was necessary to conduct long-term field tests, which were started two and a half years ago at a Transneft Kozmino Port’s facility and have not yet been completed. The obtained test results will be used to develop design solutions for technical upgrading of EСP systems at Transneft’s berthing and port facilities, as well as to form technical requirements for equipment included in the Company's core product types registry, as well as to update corporate regulatory documents in the field of offshore facilities’ corrosion protection.