The Pipeline Transport Institute discusses cooperation with the American Petroleum Institute

Date of publication: 18 April 2018 Print

The Pipeline Transport Institute has hosted a working meeting of the Institute's management with the representatives of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and ASTM International (the American Society for Testing Materials). The participants discussed the areas in which the interaction between the organisations can be further developed.

David Miller, Director of the Standards Programme for API, spoke about the plans of the American Petroleum Institute to develop global industry standards that could guide companies all around the world. This is why API is interested in engaging in dialogue and developing cooperation with oil and gas industry experts and participants from different countries.

Yakov Fridlyand, Director General of the Pipeline Transport Institute, noted that the Institute has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of pipeline transportation in performing works and providing services from R&D to product certification. "The Pipeline Transport Institute is ready to represent the interests of potential partners in promoting quality standards for the products and services by conducting tests and studies to confirm compliance with the API requirements," Yakov Fridlyand said.

In conclusion, the parties agreed to explore other possible cooperation spheres and submit their proposals at the next meeting, which will be held as part of the Pipeline Transport Institute’s participation in the international API Pipeline Conference on April 24–25, 2018 in St. Louis, USA.