2018 is declared as the Year of Energy Saving at PTI, LLC

Date of publication: 17 January 2018 Print

This year is declared as the Year of Energy Saving at Transneft and its subsidiaries. PTI, LLC  in its activities pays significant attention to the issues of increasing energy efficiency and in 2018 it intends to implement a set of measures as part of this activity.

The process of hydrocarbons transportation through pipelines is characterized with high energy intensity. The programme of energy saving and increasing energy efficiency is functioning at Transneft for the purpose of reducing energy resources consumption. It is planned that the cumulative effect from implementation of the programme from 2015 to 2020 will be more than 4 billion Rubles.

Now more than 50% of all the saved energy at the pipeline transportation facilities is achieved due to optimization of industrial processes. The Institute’s development in this direction - automated industrial package - allows specifying the conditions of oil and petroleum products pumping upon minimum energy consumption and conducting monitoring of main pump units’ operation efficiency. Also Transneft R&D develops engineering solutions and the programme for installation of variable frequency drives of main pump units, implementation of which will allow increasing energy efficiency and uniformity of trunk pipelines’ operation.

The Institute’s energy effective solutions are actively used upon design and construction of buildings under adverse climatic conditions. The Institute conducts research works regarding use of solar batteries and wind generators at remote facilities of trunk pipelines, where construction of traditional electricity supply systems is economically unjustified.