The Pipeline Transport Institute, LLC closed the first round of the 2nd International Youth Science and Technology Conference

Date of publication: 13 November 2017 Print

The Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI) completed the first round of the 2nd International Youth Science and Technology Conference by Transneft and the International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT) members.

The conference conducted on 8–10 November 2017 brought together professionals aged below 30, employed by  The Pipeline Transport Institute and the Sci-Tech Centre (based in Ufa). As usual,  PTI hosted a section for students from IHLs (institutions of higher learning) of Moscow.

“Preparation for similar conferences encourages young professionals to study the subject of their work more profoundly, creates and develops think-outside-the-box approach towards the profession. This provides a positive outcome for the entity as well. Thus, two projects by the institute employees who made it to the finals in the latest conference were included into the company’s 2018-2020 R&D plan. Which means that the ideas masterminded by young professionals will be developed in serious sci-tech projects completed by the institute,” says Yakov Fridlyand, First Deputy Director General of PTI.

The first round covered seven theme sections. Winners in each section will be admitted to the second round to be held in 2018 and which will bring together the young professionals who represent all Transneft subsidiaries.

The contest committee members evaluated the novelty and ingenuity of development projects targeted to efficiently solve challenging production and scientific problems. The debating and panel discussion particularly noted the need for practical relevance to and applicability of the projects in pipeline transportation facilities.


For reference

The conference pursues enhancement of creative initiative and seeks to encourage the youth for best research, design and engineering projects that develop the sci-tech potential and boost performance efficiency of Transneft pipeline transportation facilities.

The first round of the conference, the qualifiers throughout the Transneft subsidiaries, is held annually in seven sections, whose winners are admitted to the second round. Sections for students are also held at Transneft subsidiaries whose areas of operations include oil and gas IHLs.

The second or interim round is held biennially. Each of the seven sections is hosted by a separate Transneft subsidiary. Winners are the projects awarded the first and second places, to be subsequently promoted to the third round of the contest.

The third round is the final, held biennially without splitting into sections, separately for “young professionals” and “students” categories. The latter includes IHLs students who managed to win first places in the first round of the conference.