• Creation of a regulatory framework of strength and service life calculations for oil product pipelines and tanks on the basis of the characteristics of the metal in long-operated pipelines.
  • Scientific research and experimental work to study the mechanical and chemical properties of the steel of long-operated pipelines.
  • Development of the regulatory framework for assessing the technical condition and calculating the remaining safe service life of mechanical, process, and energy equipment used at Transneft facilities.
  • Monitoring and development of mathematical models for interaction of the environment, particularly soil, with pipelines laid in challenging geological conditions (permafrost, seismic zones, slump-prone soils, etc.).
  • Fundamental scientific research and advancement of the theory of oil and oil product transportation, including heavy and extra-heavy crude.
  • Development of methods for increasing the efficiency and reducing electricity consumption by the technological processes involved in oil transporting.
  • Development and improvement of the regulatory framework for design, construction, and operation of pipeline transport facilities.
  • Development and creation of pilot samples of advanced equipment with improved characteristics, including for import substitution programmes (oil metering units, shut-off and control valves, pump equipment, etc.).
  • Development and introduction of the “Compliance assessment of products used at Transneft, JSC facilities” system, involving reliability verification and maintenance of the Core Product Types Registry.