About the Company

Limited Liability Company The Pipeline Transport Institute was founded on 03 September 2009 (Minutes of the NII TNN, LLC Founders’ General Meeting No. 1 dated 03 September 2009) and on 12 November 2014 renamed Transneft R&D, LLC.  The company was registered on 22 September 2009 (certificate of state registration of a legal entity series 77 No. 011232862, issued by Moscow Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 46 of the Federal Tax Service of Russia).

Main functions of the Institute:

  • to perform scientific research, experimental design, and technological work in developing new technologies, equipment and materials in the field of design, construction, operation, and repair of trunk pipelines; to develop the scientific and technical foundations for design and construction of pipeline systems;
  • to develop technical rules and regulations and maintain a registry of the technical rules and regulations framework for oil and oil products trunk pipeline transportation;
  • to conduct technical documentation expert reviews, product tests, and assessment of the manufacturing quality for products supplied for the needs of Transneft subsidiaries; to draw up and maintain a registry of requirements specification, programmes, and methodologies for acceptance test procedures applied to products purchased by Transneft subsidiaries;
  • to draw up technical rules and regulations and provide expert reviews in the spheres of industrial, fire, and occupational safety and emergencies prevention and elimination for Transneft subsidiaries;
  • to perform and subject to expert review hydraulic and engineering calculations, transient work regimes of existing and planned oil and oil product trunk pipelines; to carry out work to assess the technical conditions of the facilities of oil trunk pipelines and oil pump stations;
  • to provide expert consulting services.

The Institute is charged with being the Registrar of the databank of Transneft subsidiaries’ protectable intellectual products. The Pipeline Transport Institute is also charged with providing for energy surveys (energy audit) and developing energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement programmes for Transneft’s trunk pipeline facilities.